Keep under wraps




7 March 2016

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I was born in Paris, the daughter of a family of architects who fed my inspiration.
By assimilating and interpreting the technics of a plan I created the upper garnments. I worked on squares as primary shapes that I wrapped and rolled around the body.
Cars and modern technology provided me with another source of inspiration. Cars have always been symbols of autonomy for me. I used rough fabrics made for seats’ covers and I shaped them by tearing apart the foam where I didn’t need it and by adding it where I deemed necessary. Each volume is made out of a sole piece of fabric.
I work directly on the material and use technics like padding and heating with PVC to control and finish the garnment. Wraps refer to my favorite garnment in a woman’s closet: it is the coat which is both an external and an enveloping piece.
For this final student’s collection I wanted to keep an experimental approach using material like foam, PVC, latex and personal techniques of construction. Those techniques are kept “under wraps” until I found the best way to apply them for the most.

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