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C o l l a b o r a t i o n s

Deindustrialization for better adaptation in life

Standardization of the human Body.

Production on a large scale involves categorizing the human body by gender, ability and size.

To justify this practice, people’s mentalities had to be changed by making them believe we all have to fit into a defined category.

But where is the logic in trying to get the client to adapt to the industry?

Wouldn’t the opposite make more sense?

We believe we have plenty of choice because of the amount of brands that exist but these brands generally respond to standards set by a group of people at the time of industrialization not to a reality.

Then we realize that the Fashion Industry does not allow us to have our own ideas in order to flow out what is already produced.

©Rozalina Burkova
Large-scale production poses issues

In the name of “democratizing” property, the industry produces tones of items part of which will never be used.

This applies on every scale of the Fashion industry from the yarn, to the fabric through to the final garment.

There are enough existing materials ready to use without the need to produce new ones that create more waste.

This is why I only use existing materials. Of course, it takes time to source but it is also a guarantee of quality.

We need to be realistic regarding the cost of things. The simplest garment has been grown, spun, woven, cut, stitched, finished and labeled. How can it only cost a couple of euros? We all have few ideas in response to this.
I believe in a fair production with less people involved paid proportionally for their work. No major profit for one person affordable for the client.

Finding a compromise between affordable and quality is not easy.

It is in this lake of proposals that I decide to stand.

Re-connecting with pleasure

Buying products gives us instant gratification but not durable pleasure. We find satisfaction in living experiences, sharing moments and stories with others.

Internet is the best invention to be aware of what exists and to make our own choices on things but it is means nothing if we do not connect them with people in our surroundings at small scale.

I am trying to set up a new way of perceiving and buying clothes so that it is more like a personal experience which can satisfy you on every level. I believe in the quality of the relationship for a better result.

So why don’t you contact me about your project. You know this idea you left behind because you thought you would never find the garment !

Let’s see if I can do it !