A r c h i v e s
L e t & # 8 2 1 7 ; s   c r e a t e   t o g e t h e r   !

- Made On & With you -

You want a unique outfit, garment or accessory but you are not sure of what or how: well let’s create it together!

  • First, we meet to talk and define your idea.
  • Then during an appointment you try on a “toile” which is a prototype from which we work together (shape, details and fitting) and you choose a material for the final piece from a selection I make according to your wishes we defined before.
  • Following this, I am working on you custom order and might ask you for another appointment to fit the final piece on you. Depend on the project.
  • Finally : We arrange a postage or a last appointment for you to get your unique piece.

The duration of the work depends on each order and can take up to 1 month.
Prices depend on the nature of the project and materials you choose.

Contact me for enquiries or questions