H o m e
C l o t h i n g   C a p s u l e

Hi there, I am Léa barré

Clothing designer

I was born and raised in Paris, studied Fashion design in Brussels at La Cambre Mode/s/ and recently decided to land in East London.

My natural inclination goes to minimal shapes, practical design and comfortable material.
Whereas my inspiration from my travels brings me to sophisticated fabrics, handmade technics, and adaptation in every situation.

After experiencing in my favorites fashion houses from Maison Martin Margiela to  Celine ( ->CV )  I have decided to use my knowledge directly for my own clients.

I believe that luxury today is more of an experience and a relationship with the designer than a vague idea of a brand.
Also I believe that diversity of experiences and adaptation are the best clue for the time we live in. If you want to know more about my mentality read my Manifesto.

I love meeting new people and discussing around so don’t hesitate to contact me !


Personal Advices

I focus my attention on yourself, your morphology, your tastes, your specificities to elaborate the outfit you will love and keep for long.


Each project is special and deserve an appropriate attention. Possibilities are infinite and people so differents. So each creations I make is unique.


I ensure that the process, the product and the manufacturing of my pieces make the minimum inconvenience for others or waste for the environment.

Want to know more about me ?
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